Powering organizations by tapping into the weirdo in each of us. 


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It's time to unleash the enthusiasm, creativity, and innovation that already exist on your team. 

About Danielle

I’m that weirdo who loves work—that person who’s always annoyingly chipper and actually looks forward to their job. 

Despite working for some of the best companies with award-winning cultures, I spent the early part of my career trying to stay happy and engaged at work. For some reason, the intrinsic motivation I came into the companies with never stuck. Looking at my colleagues, everyone felt the same way I did: frustrated but not sure where to turn or how to fix it. 


I set out to find the answer. After years of research with leaders, team members, managers, CEOs, Chief People Officers, and everyone in between, the problem became painfully obvious. We need to put humans at the center of organizations.  When we do this, diversity, hiring, advancement, wellbeing, and yes, retention, all fall into place. Teams burst with creative energy. Innovation soars and success shows in the bottom line. 


Now, my company, Sandbox, enables team members find purpose and meaning in their work.  


My book, The Energy of Weirdos, shows leaders how to tap into their team's enthusiasm, creativity, and innovation to unlock future-proof success. 


We have to rip off the bandaid we've put on work and get back to the human underneath.

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The future of work is
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