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Fostering a more inclusive, positive, and connected world by celebrating what makes each of us uniquely weird.


Author, Founder &
Podcast Host

It's time to unleash the enthusiasm, creativity, and innovation that already exist on your team. 

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About Danielle

Danielle Boris is the author of The Energy of Weirdos, host of the Unboxing Humans podcast, and founder and CEO of Sandbox Together. In addition to her work with organizations, Danielle teaches entrepreneurship at Cornell University’s Tech campus. In 2022, Danielle was named one of Cornell University Johnson School of Management’s 10 Under 10 Notable Alumni and is frequently quoted in articles about talent management, inclusivity at work, and effective people-first leadership. 


Prior to her entrepreneurship journey, Danielle worked in Market & Brand Research at BuzzFeed and on the Innovation & Experience Technology Team at Tiffany & Co. Danielle graduated with a B.S. (cum laude) and MBA from Cornell University.


You can often spot Danielle wearing brightly colored clothing while exploring the Upper West Side of Manhattan.


Unboxing Humans demystifies the Human-to-Human Business Model by uncovering what makes each of us unique, and a little weird.

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The future of work is
human centered

Together, we can create a world where team members, leaders, and organizations all win together

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