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Every one of us is weird in our own way. While some executives wonder why nobody is engaged in their work and employees want to quit, effective leaders know that machines are productive and humans are creative. Leading successful organizations starts with uncovering the hidden talents on our teams, tapping into everyone's unique strengths, and fueling our employees.

The Energy of Weirdos unlocks the science behind people-first leadership. Author Danielle Boris couples interviews from world-renowned leaders with decades of social science research to open the doors to a future of work that intrinsically motivates fantastic teams. Successfully engaging our workforce isn't about happy hours, ping pong tables, or free cold brew. Engagement is about aligning what we love with what we spend our time doing. It's fundamentally human, and it's the key to creating a thriving and inclusive organization.

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Founder of Sandbox, Host of Unboxing Humans, and speaker, Danielle Boris invites you to finally end the job-hopping and engagement crisis in your organization. 


Danielle Boris' work focuses on infusing humanity into organizations. She is the founder and CEO of Sandbox, host of the Unboxing Humans podcast, and author of The Energy of Weirdos. Prior to founding her software business, Danielle worked in ad effectiveness and market research at BuzzFeed and on the in-store mobile innovation team at Tiffany & Co. Danielle holds a B.S. in communication and an M.B.A. in technology and entrepreneurship from Cornell University.

Despite working for some of the best companies with award-winning cultures, Danielle spent the early part of her career trying to stay happy and engaged at work. For some reason, the intrinsic motivation she started each job with never stuck. Looking at her colleagues, many felt the same way she did: frustrated but unsure of where to turn or how to fix it.

She set out to find the answer. After years of research with leaders, team members, managers, CEOs, Chief People Officers, and everyone in between, the problem became painfully obvious. We need to put humans at the center of organizations. When we do this, inclusion, hiring, advancement, learning and development, well-being, and yes, retention, all fall into place. Teams burst with creative energy. Innovation soars, and success shows in the bottom line.

Danielle believes that far too often, corporations put employees in boxes labeled by job title. This siloing not only limits talent development but also inhibits organizations from leveraging the full knowledge, skillsets, and innovation in their workforces. Only by unboxing humans can employees, managers, and organizations all win together.

Sandbox leverages intrinsic motivation and purpose to drive career development, inclusion, and retention in organizations.

The Energy of Weirdos shows leaders how to tap into their team members' individuality to unlock enthusiasm, creativity, and innovation.

Unboxing Humans demystifies the Human-to-Human Business Model by uncovering what makes each of us unique, and a little weird.

Are you ready to unlock your most valuable resource?

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